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The bar charts below show what percentage of students are performing at or above grade-level by grade, subject and year.

Percent Of Students Who Are Proficient Or Better By Grade And Subject


School Enrollment Statistics

Homefacts collects Hawaii enrollment statistics from the Department of Education’s public database. View statistics about gender, ethnicity and enrollment by grade.

Gender Statistics

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Ethnicity Statistics

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Enrollment Statistics

Pre Kindergarten 1,509 students 0.90%
Kindergarten 16,404 students 9.82%
1st Grade 14,672 students 8.79%
2nd Grade 14,215 students 8.51%
3rd Grade 13,615 students 8.15%
4th Grade 13,178 students 7.89%
5th Grade 12,933 students 7.75%
6th Grade 11,912 students 7.13%
7th Grade 12,163 students 7.28%
8th Grade 11,199 students 6.71%
9th Grade 12,949 students 7.75%
10th Grade 11,695 students 7.00%
11th Grade 10,947 students 6.56%
12th Grade 9,588 students 5.74%
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