Lighthouse Academy School

02-07 | Private | Enrollment: 6 2287 Highway 41 S, Forsyth, GA 31029

Lighthouse Academy School is a private coeducational elementary school in Forsyth, GA. There are 6 students enrolled in Lighthouse Academy School and one teacher. There are 180 days in the school year and 6 hours in a school day. Nearby schools include .

School Characteristics
Locale: Rural, Distant
Student Body: Coeducational
Number of Teachers: 1
Days in School Year: 180
Hours in School Day: 6
Religious Orientation: 1
Religious Affiliation: 1
Religion: Pentecostal
Catholic Affiliation: Other religious, not affiliated with any denomination
Association: No Associations

School Enrollment

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Ethnicities Statistics


Enrollment By Grade Statistics

Grade Level
2 (33.33%)
1 (16.67%)
1 (16.67%)
2 (33.33%)

Gender Statistics

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