Mitchell G Barnett Registered Sex Offender or Kidnapper

Mitchell G Barnett Registration Details

Last Known Address:
922 S 100 E, Blanding, UT 84511

Mitchell G Barnett

Mitchell G Barnett - Registered Sex Offender or Kidnapper

6 ft 0 in
195 lbs.

Offense or Statute

76-5a-3 - Sexual Exploitation Of A Minor/2nd Degree Felony
Date Convicted:
11 January 2010
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Mitchell B
Mitch Barnett
Mitch Barnett
Mitch Glen Barnett
Mitchell Barnett
Mitchell Barnett
Mitchell Glen Barnett

Scars, Marks, and Tattoos

Scar on Penis (Brownish circumcision scar) , Mark on L_Hand (Small discoloration/pigmentation) , Scar on RH_finger (Very small scar (thumb)) , Scar on LH_finger (Very small scar (index finger)) , Scar on LH_finger ((ring finger)) , Scar on R_ear (Piercing scar on right earlobe) , Scar on L_ear (Two piercing scars on left earlobe) , Tattoo on Upper_L_Arm (Tribal Dragon (black)) , Tattoo on R_arm (Star Wars Rebel Alliance logo (black, purple, blue and white)) , Tattoo on L_arm (Kokopelli (red, black and blue)) , Tattoo on L_forearm (Tribal (black)) , Mark on Shoulder (Some small freckles/moles on both shoulders) , Mark on Arm (Some small freckles/moles on both arms) , Mark on Chest (Some small freckles/moles) , Mark on Leg (Some small freckles/moles on both legs) , Scar on L_forearm (Very faint scar) , Mark on L_cheek (Small reddish mark) , Mark on Neck (A few small moles) , Scar on R_calf (Small scar) , Scar on Lower Lip (Very small very faint scar) , Scar on L_Hand (Very small very faint scar) , Mark on Head (Small freckle/mole on right scalp) , Scar on L_cheek (Small very faint scars on cheekbone area) , Scar on L_Hand (Two small faint scars on lower left thumb) , Mark on Back (Assorted small freckles/moles on back/upper back) , Mark on R_cheek (Small faint skin colored mole) , Scar on Upper Lip (Small very faint scar above upper lip) , Scar on Nose (Small faint scar) , Scar on Forehead (Small faint scar) , Scar on L_knee (Small very faint scar) , Scar on L_wrist (Small faint scars) , Mark on abdomen (Some small freckles/moles) , Scar on abdomen (Very faint scar on right side of stomach)

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