Nikolski, Alaska

Population 30

Nikolski Neighborhood Report


School Rating is Not Determined
  • No High School Diploma: NR
  • High School Graduate or Higher: 95.3%
  • Bachelor's Degree or Higher: 4.8%

Crime Rate

  • We're sorry! No Crime Rate data found in our database.
  • We're sorry! No Crime Rate data found in our database.

Registered Offenders

94.86% Higher than national avg.
  • 1 offender in Nikolski
  • 333.33 offenders/10,000 residents

Environmental Hazards

16 Found nearby
  • Brownfields: 0
  • Registered Polluters: 0
  • Superfunds: 1
  • Tanks & Spills: 15


Low 4.3%
  • Alaska unemployment average: 7.1%
  • National unemployment average: 6.2%

Property Values

Median Property Value $0

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There are 0 K-12 public schools in Nikolski, AK and 0 private schools. Homefacts rates Nikolski's schools as Not Determined, with an overall NA rating.
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No crime data available.

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  • Good news! No Drug lab found in Nikolski, AK

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Property Report Overview

Average Listing Price
No Data
Median Sales Price
No Data

Median Home Value

Housing Inventory

Property Type
  • Vacant
  • Rented
  • Owned

Number Of Properties Per Bedroom (Distressed)

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Fair Market Rents

**Displaying data from Nikolski, AK
  • Property Type Rent
  • Studio: $1,144
  • 1 Bedroom: $1,333
  • 2 Bedrooms: $1,755
  • 3 Bedrooms: $2,187
  • 4 Bedrooms: $2,612

Zip Codes


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Environmental Hazards

16 Environmental Hazards

  • Brownfields
    in Nikolski, AK
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  • Registered Polluters
    in Nikolski, AK
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  • Superfunds
    in Nikolski, AK
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  • Tanks & Spills
    in Nikolski, AK
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Health Hazards

  • Air Quality HEALTHY (184/188)
    Nikolski, AK has 97.87% good air quality.
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  • Radon ZONE 3 COUNTY
    Nikolski, AK is a green zone.
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  • UV Index LOW 1.81 Average
    Nikolski, AK is a low risk area for ultra-violet rays.
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  • We're sorry! No Weather statistics found in our database.

Average Monthly Temperature

  • January 24.35°
  • February 25.02°
  • March 25.5°
  • April 27.98°
  • May 32.45°
  • June 41.77°
  • July 45.95°
  • August 50.98°
  • September 44.8°
  • October 39.78°
  • November 32°
  • December 28.4°

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Natural Disasters

Probability of Natural Disasters for Nikolski, AK

Nikolski, AK has a very high risk of earthquakes.
Nikolski, AK has no risk of hurricanes.
Nikolski, AK has a very low risk of hail storms.
Nikolski, AK has a very low risk of tornadoes.

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Median Household Income

Median Household Income in Nikolski, AK: $35,000


Unemployment in Nikolski is 4.3%. It is lower than the state and national averages, 7.1% and 6.2% respectively

Workforce Breakdown

Blue Collar - 65.00%
White Collar - 35.00%


State Representatives

  • Gov. Bill Walker
  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski
  • Sen. Daniel Sullivan

City Representatives

  • Don Young

Neighborhood Info

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  • No library found in Nikolski, AK

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  • No police station found in Nikolski, AK

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  • No retirement homes found in Nikolski, AK
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