Jordan Unit School

Jordan Unit School
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Jordan Unit School
1992 HELTON RD, PAMPA, TX 79065

Jordan Unit School

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1992 HELTON RD, PAMPA, TX 79065
(806) 665-7070
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Jordan Unit School Yearly School Rating

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Jordan Unit School has an overall school letter grade of for the current year of . The overall letter grade is based on three classroom subjects: Math, Language Arts & Science. The math letter grade for the year of for Jordan Unit School is , the Language Arts letter grade is and the Science letter grade is .

Jordan Unit School Information

Jordan Unit School is a public school in the city of PAMPA. Jordan Unit School is part of the city of PAMPA, Texas which is resides within the County of Gray County and Gray County resides within the state of Texas. PAMPA, Texas has 95 schools in the Windham School District. Jordan Unit School has a school rating of . There are approximately 0 students attending Jordan Unit School. Pampa High School School is one of the nearest schools.

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Jordan Unit School Test Results

The graphs below displays the Jordan Unit School test results for the year of . Jordan Unit School test results display the in a bar graph. The test results graph the following classroom subjects: and . The three bars represent School Grade, District Average & State Average.

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