Fred Wild Elementary School

Highlands School District PK-5 | Public | Enrollment: 538 3550 Youth Care Ln , Sebring , FL 33870 (863) 471-5400

Fred Wild Elementary School is a public school in Sebring , FL. There are 538 students enrolled in Fred Wild Elementary School, with the majority being of Hispanic and White ethnicity. Homefacts gives Fred Wild Elementary School an overall grade of C for its combined test scores in Math, Language Arts, and Science when statewide results available. Nearby schools include The Academy At Youth Care Lane, Heartland Christian School and Sebring High School.


Language Arts

Test Scores By Grade

Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test
Grades 3-8 are Tested in Math, Grades 3-10 are Tested in Reading, Grades 5 and 8 are Tested in Science, Grades 4, 8 and 10 are Tested in Writing, and High School Students are Also Tested in Biology, Geometry, and Algebra .

Fred Wild Elementary School Proficiency Exam Scores

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School Enrollment


Homefacts collects Fred Wild Elementary School enrollment statistics from the Department of Education's public database. View statistics about gender, ethnicity by Year and enrollment by grade.

Ethnicities Statistics

African American
2 or More Races

Enrollment By Grade Statistics

Grade Level
Pre Kindergarten
21 (3.91%)
113 (21.04%)
119 (22.16%)
96 (17.88%)
89 (16.57%)
99 (18.44%)

Gender Statistics

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  • Fred Wild Elementary School

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Spinks Ln
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