Ace Products

Tanks & Spills Information for Ace Products

Address: 850 Industrial Road, Newport, TN 37821
Tanks & Spills Details:
Tank/Case #TypeStatusInstall/Leak Date Closure Date
2USTCurrently In Use5/1/1979
1USTNot Regulated5/1/1967
3USTPermanently Out of Use4/30/1981 6/29/1995
1LUSTCase Closed7/26/1995
Types of Tanks
  • UST - Underground Storage Tanks
  • SPILL - Potential Hazardous Spill
  • AST - Aboveground Storage Tanks
  • SITE - Potential Hazardous Spill
  • LUST - Leaking Underground Storage Tanks
  • LAST - Leaking Aboveground Storage Tanks

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